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Cyprus Driving

-Car drivers must be eighteen years old and on the age of seventeen mopeds may be driven. Drivers older than twenty-one can also drive a motorcycle (note that this is depend on the engine size of the motorcycle).

-In Cyprus, drive on the left hand side just like in United Kingdom in contrast with the rest European countries.

-Seat belts are strictly required for both the driver and the passengers. Failing to comply with this, a fine of  € 85 can be imply.

-Children under five years old are not allowed to sit in the frond passenger seat; they have to be sited into a proper children car seat. Children older than five years old, are allowed to use the frond passenger sit as long as they put on a children seat belt.

-Is prohibited to use a mobile phone while when driving. This is punishable with a fine of € 85.

-Is not allowed to smoke in a car which is carrying a passenger under the age of sixteen.  Failing to comply with this, there is again a fine of  € 85.

-Motorcycle – moped rider and their passengers must wear a helmet. Failing to do so a fine of

€ 85 can be given.

-The passengers of scooter, moped and motorcycle must be older that twelve years old.

-Road signs in Cyprus are available in Greek and English.

-Distances are shown as kilometers and road speeds are shown as kilometers per hour. Therefore be very careful not to get confused.

-Third party insurance and road tax in Cyprus is necessary.

-All roads in Cyprus are troll free.

In the case of any emergency call 112 or 199

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