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Buying a Car in Cyprus

In Cyprus there are some steps to follow when you buy a new or a second-hand car. First of all you have to register the car so you will have all legal rights to drive this car. Along with the registration you also requiter to have a paid road tax and insurance. To buy a car in Cyprus is not necessary to be a Cypriot resident. Foreigners and not residents as also able to buy a car in Cyprus.


Buying a New Car in Cyprus

When buying a new car a proof of insurance and road tax payment must be ready before buying any car from a dealer. However, in Cyprus usually this is a dealers job and they prepare everything for you when you buy a new car.


Selling or Buying a Used Car in Cyprus

Buying a second-hand car in Cyprus can be expensive because in Cyprus customs / import duty is to high.


Changing Ownership of a Vehicle After Purchase

Changing the ownership of a vesicle in Cyprus, the form TOM9 must be completed. After you complete the form, you must submit it to the Cypriot Department of Road Transport.

You must present the following documents with you.

-Both seller and buyer must present an ID or passport.

-MOT certificate

-The seller must provide a proof of insurance.

The document must be signed from both the seller and the buyer. The forms for changing the ownership are also available in the English language and can be found at a local Citizen Service Center. If both of them the buyer and the seller go together with all the necessary documentations, the registration of the vehicle can be done immediately.


Changing the address of a vehicle

Changing the vehicle's registered address can be done online, at any local Department of Road Transport (DoRT) or at Citizen's Service Center. There are some changes however, that must be recorded on the vehicle’s registration document and in such case this can be only done at the Department of Road Transportation in the island's capital city, Nicosia.


Road Tax in Cyprus

Road tax is an annual payable tax for vesicles in Cyprus. This tax is calculated according to the engine capacity. This tax can be paid to the bank and online. Records of this are kept also in an electronic form.

In order to be able to obtain your road tax you should have:

-A valid MOT test certificate

-An insurance
-The registration document of your vehicle


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